Voigt, Paul Gustavus Adolphus Helmuth

Voigt, Paul Gustavus Adolphus Helmuth
b. 9 December 1901 Forest Hill, London, England
d. 9 February 1981 Brighton, Ontario, Canada
English/Canadian electronics engineer, developer of electromechanical recording and reproductions systems, amplifiers and loudspeakers.
He received his education at Dulwich College and in 1922 graduated with a BSc from University College, London. He had an early interest in the application of valve amplifiers, and after graduating he was employed by J.E.Hough, Edison Bell Works, to develop a line of radio-receiving equipment. However, he became interested in the mechanical (and later electrical) side of recording and from 1925 developed principles and equipment. In particular he developed capacitor microphones, not only for in-house work but also commercially, until the mid-1930s. The Edison Bell company did not survive the Depression and closed in 1933. Voigt founded his own company, Voigt Patents Ltd, concentrating on loudspeakers for cinemas and developing horn loudspeakers for domestic use. During the Second World War he continued to develop loudspeaker units and gramophone pick-ups, and in 1950 he emigrated to Toronto, Canada, but his company closed. Voigt taught electronics, and from 1960 to 1969 he was employed by the Radio Regulations Laboratory in Ottawa. After retirement he worked with theoretical cosmology and fundamental interactions.
Most of Voigt's patents are concerned with improvements in the magnetic circuit in dynamic loudspeakers and centring devices for diaphragms. However, UK patent nos. 278,098, 404,037 and 447,749 may be regarded as particularly relevant. In 1940 Voigt contributed a remarkable paper on the principles of equalization in mechanical recording: "Getting the best from records, part 1—the recording characteristic", Wireless World (February): 141–4.
Further Reading
Personal accounts of experiences with Voigt may be found in "Paul Voigt's contribution to Audio", British Kinematography Sound and Television (October 1970): 316–27, which also includes a list of his patents.

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